Bloody Nation

no one even single little boy not safe in India. whenever I seen such incidents my hearts cry down. thise picture I got from what’s apps and this is very touchy photo. Indian govt and Indian public became a devils. the boy kidnapped someone  for selling.this is very brutal activity.I want to say that India is very bloody Nation.they are play on business on human crises.


World !!! Religions thoughts became a terror

  1. BHUDHA teach us to understood the sadness of others and help them but follower tourchers the sad peoples.                                             2.Chankya teach us politics should be welfare to human being for peaceful living but follower do its opposite                3.Jeasus teach us globalise human being is come together for better living but follower seperated the Earth with violance.                                            4.Alla teach us Humanity but follower became a violant enemy of human being.

Why Indian peoples, under estimated the poor peoples.

india having global hunger index rank is 97 out of 118 countries.thats very shameful for india.and its only because of rich peoples,every good will plans or cheme rich can used fo self purposes. Indian govt given food grains fo poor very cheap rate but rich can buys it 2rupees /kg and poor have no purchasing power to purchase it .still they can purchase 10 to 20 rupees/kg.